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For 70 years Company has been developing through creative utilization of its domestic and abroad experiences, assimilation and adaptation of new technologies and technical realizations as well as through dynamic organizational transformations. This period has not only allowed us to greatly enrich our tradition, but also to create a reliable and stable international reputation and consolidate the Company’s high organizational culture.​

Sample references for EXALO DRILLING SA:

Tullow Oil affirms good working partnership with EXALO Drilling SA at all levels, with distinct improvements in HSE performance throughout the campaign and minimal NPT or downtime over that period. Tullow Oil hereby confirms that drilling, workover, plug and abandon services were performed and provided in accordance with the requirements set out in the contract.

Richard Knox
Tullow Oil Well Delivery Manager,

The drilling service, coring service, drilling fluid service, cementing service, DST and make-up service were finished in a full accordance with the contract, in a professional manner and within the predetermined time. The solutions and equipment used by the Contractor fully met the expectations of our company. Basing on the existing co-operation, we can recommend EXALO Drilling SA to potential customers and investors as a reliable, confident and competent business partner.

Natalja Haselton
Director TAN Oil

EXALO has been operating with OGDCL for almost last 10 years. EXALO drilled successfully several vertical, slant and horizontal wells with more than 89° angles for OGDCL.  Performance of the EXALO rig remained excellent during entire contract period with minimum downtime and many of the wells were completed before the planned schedule and the rig crew is skilled and efficient.

Aitzaz Ahmad
Oil & Gas Development Company Ltd.
Pakistan TAN Oil



Samples of letters of recommendation available here