Current realizations of Exalo Drilling SA in Poland

Exalo Drilling SA, besides foreign markets, also successfully executes projects on the local market. At present drilling and reconstruction works are being carried out in Podkarpackie Province and all drilling holes are drilled for hydrocarbons: gas and oil.

Currently running drilling works:

- Kramarzówka 2H – device MAS-6000E – planned hole depth 4 510 m,

- Parkosz 2K – device MR 8000 – planned hole depth 2 250 m,

- Przemyśl 288K – device KREMCO 900 – planned hole depth 1 573 m,

- Przeworsk 27K – device IRI-750 – planned hole depth 1 400 m.

Currently running reconstruction work:

- Buszkowiczki 1 - device Cardwell KM-150,

- Tuligłowy 9 - device Cardwell KM-150,

- Łapanów 1 - device Cardwell KM-200.

Furthermore, Exalo Drilling SA works on the Gilowice 1 and Gilowice 2H wells, which consisting of production test to determine methane resources in hard coal decks. Involved devices are: R-500 and W 360/18 and well testing service.