Exalo Drilling during the "PGNiG Polish Innovation" campaign at Polish universities

Exalo Drilling SA took part in the 2nd edition of Open Innovation campaign, entitled "PGNiG Polish Innovation", organized by Polish Oil and Gas Company SA. The campaign was directed to Polish academic community with the aim of bringing students closer to the scope of the Company's activities, with particular emphasis on those projects that respond to current needs of innovative solutions.

Within the framework of the campaign there were meetings representatives of the Capital Group with students of two Polish universities: Poznan University of Technology and Gdansk University of Technology. During the lectures, Exalo representatives presented the Company's main areas of business, such as: type and scope of drilling and service offerings, expansion markets and QHSE safety policies. According to the aim of the campaign, the main feature of speeches was presentation of innovative solutions and technologies used in Exalo. Lectureres of the company told i.a. about: composite boards for hardening of drilling sites, new type of drilling mud based on nanotechnology, development of their own technology of synthetic muds - OBM or "Gas separator" tool.

Meetings within "PGNiG Polish innovations" were also an opportunity to participate in workshops and unprecedented opportunity to gain knowledge and exchange experience.