All tests and lab fluid composition are performed according to API recommendation requirements at downhole condition including HTHP. Main activity of EXALO Laboratory are tests and works for Cementing Service and Mud Engineering Service.​laboratorium exalo

  • Designing the drilling fluids composition and selection of mud materials for operations in all geological conditions
  • Designing the drlling fluids for workover and well rehabilitation jobs
  • Completion fluids composition design
  • Drilling fluids analysis
  • Designing and elaboration of acid treatment fluids
  • Mud materials quality control
  • New materials testing
  • Cement slurry composition design
  • Spacer composition design
  • Cement slurry additives testing
  • Examination of cement slurry properties (thickening time, fluid lost, compression strength with UCA and automatic compressive tester, rheology parameters)
  • Acid treatment fluids examining and design
  • Testing cement slurry additives
  • Gel strength analysis
  • Slurry and cement bond permeability

laboratorium exalo