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Krosno School “Naftowka” is 3D-printing visors

For the last several weeks, students at “Naftowka” (Oil and Gas School Complex – ZSNG) in Krosno under the leadership of the teaching staff have been producing protective visors for medical personnel fighting the coronavirus. All of this is due to the “Przylbica w koronie” (“Visor in the Corona”) campaign, which aims to produce as many visors as possible on 3D printers and pass them on to the medical community and institutions whose employees are particularly vulnerable to COVID-19 infection.

The implementation of the student project is possible thanks to the acquisition of sponsors by the director of ZSNG Krosno – Ms Joanna Kubit, among which is Exalo Drilling S.A.

Thanks to the funds collected by “Naftowka”, several hundred visors have been made, which were transferred to:

  • Social Welfare House No. 2 in Krosno (Kletowki),
  • Specialist Hospital in Brzozow,
  • Municipal Police Headquarters in Krosno,
  • Polish Red Cross District Management in Krosno – Polish Red Cross District Nurses

Currently, the school is making visors for the Invasive Cardiology Department.

A pandemic is a time in which we take special care of our own safety and health and that of our loved ones. This is why we are all the more pleased that as a company we can support the medical community and other services through such a noble action.