Purchase of a new Coiled Tubing unit

Exalo Drilling S.A. has expanded its technical fleet by purchasing a new Coiled Tubing Hydra Rig™ unit, manufactured by National Oilwell Varco, the world's leading manufacturer of drilling and service equipment. It was manufactured as skid modules, which will also enable us to use the unit for works on offshore platforms and in areas where access to boreholes is restricted. The unit allows you to work with cables with diameters from 1.25“ to 2”, wound on a reel.  The main component of the set is a Caterpillar C9 engine with a capacity of 340 HP in container construction with hydraulic systems that provide the required power for the entire unit. The unit is controlled from a specially adapted cabin with a control panel that allows you to adjust the key operating parameters of the CT unit, as well as the operation of the basic components of the set, including the Injector and the Stripper.  

Basic technical parameters of the unit:

  • the unit is configured to work with a 1.5” diameter, 4000m-long cable (maximum length 5800m),
  • working pressure: 10 000 PSI,
  • pulling capacity: 100 000 lbs,
  • snubbing capacity: 50 000 lbs,
  • maximum speed: 150 ft / min,
  • minimum speed: 1 ft / min.

Currently, the fleet of the Coiled Tubing and Nitrogen Units Service at Exalo Drilling S.A. consists of 4 complete Coiled Tubing units, a hydraulically controlled tower for specialised work performed by CT units, treatment pumps with a discharge pressure of up to 10 000 PSI, nitrogen units with a discharge pressure of 10 000 PSI, and the necessary tools e.g., tools for opening/closing circulation sleeves, cutters, mechanical perforators, mud motors, plugs, milling cutters, nozzles, etc.

Request a service offer by e-mail at: sales@exalo.pl.

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