Purchase of a new hydraulic drilling rig HH220 FA – EU

In November the Exalo Drilling Company signed a contract with the Italian company Drillmec S.p.A. for delivery of a new hydraulic drilling rig HH220 FA – EU.

The necessity of planning and conducting drilling works in urban areas resulted in the decision of the Management Board of Exalo Drilling S.A. to purchase a modern drilling device, automated to the highest extent possible and meeting the highest environmental protection standards. The main reason that influenced the above decision was to minimise the impact on the environment, thus making it easier to obtain administrative approvals and limiting the objections of local communities.

The modern HH220 FA – EU drilling rig with a lifting capacity of 200 tonnes is fully automated. In addition, it is characterised by: low noise emissions, limited area required for operation and low height of the telescopic mast. It will undoubtedly be the most modern device in the Exalo Drilling S.A. fleet.

The planned delivery date of the device is the second half of 2020.