The year 2017 is a period of intense rehabilitation works carried out in the Czech Republic by the Exalo Workover Service and more specifically by the Krosno staff of this Service. The works for PMG Tranovice were performed by Exalo Drilling S.A. commissioned by Innogy Gas Storage (formerly RWE Gas Storage), including:

- rehabilitations of three wells within the Underground Gas Storage Unit Tranovice (ZU-144, TS-4, TS-5) using the Cardwell KB-200 workover rig and with the scope of activities including: extraction of the existing plunge equipment, instrumentation of the filtration column, runnig the packer and complex rehablitation of the wellhead, runnig the column of filters with caving and runnig the column of tubing and assembly of the oil well christmas tree - the depth of the boreholes didn’t exceed 450 m.

- rehabilitation of the next two wells (ZU-105R and ZU-105A) located in the immediate vicinity of PMG Tranovice, from 1953.