Having combined our highly competent crews, strong equipment bases and experience gained while executing a variety of projects, we are able to provide a full slate of onshore drilling services to the oil & gas upstream industry.​


  • Designing cementing works with Landmark Opticem and Schlumberger CamCade simulator software
  • Preparation of cement works and projects
  • Elaborating, developing and testing of cement slurries compositions
  • Casing cementing service and remedia cementing service
  • Pumping services: pressure tests, DFIT, FIT, formation test, well-killing pumping etc.
  • Monitoring and recording of cementing and pumping jobs
  • Setting of cement plugs, liner hangers and mechanical plugs
  • Pipeline pressure integration test
  • Pumping jobs


Our fleet units and complementary equipment consists of the following items:

  • Double pump triplex cementing unit  CTP311 (5 units), TCP 1040 (2 units), SK750, CPT600D 
  • Double pump triplex pumping unit Angelika 1100, MB750
  • Single pump triplex cementing unit HT400 
  • Single pump triplex pumping unit MSI SPTI600
  • Batch Mixer V-30 m3 (9 units)
  • Batch Mixer V-16 m3 (3 units)
  • Cement Bulk trailer 26T Spitzer (7 units)
  • Cement Bulk trailer 20T (3 units)
  • Cement Bulk Silo 30T MSIV30 (6 units)
  • Cement Bulk Silo 40T CSS411 (18 units)
  • Stationary Cement Plant 480T capacity in total  (3 sets)
  • Mixing Water tank 20-40 m3 (4 units) 
  • Cementing double plug container 18 5/8”- 7” (14 units)

Cementing Service is ready to deliver 8 complete cementing sets to perform the cementing job at the same time in 8 different locations. The complete cementing unit package is capable to mix on fly and pump the slurry volume up to 100 m3 and supplemented with additional equipment the slurry volume can be easily increased to more than 250 m3.

Standard cementing unit package consists of:

  • HP double triplex pump unit
  • Batch Mixer V-30
  • Bulk Cement trailer 26T
  • 2 Bulk Cement silos
  • Bulk Cement silo truck
  • Auxiliary pumping unit if necessary

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