Having combined our highly competent crews, strong equipment bases and experience gained while executing a variety of projects, we are able to provide a full slate of onshore drilling services to the oil & gas upstream industry.​


We are performing our jobs in vertical and horizontal wells:

  • Open hole completion design
  • Supplying downhole equipment according to customer requirements and specifications
  • Setting the liner hangers and liner packers
  • Inflatable External Casing Packers setting
  • Setting of production packers
  • Installation and maintenance of downhole safety valves
  • Running of injection and control lines
  • Setting of cement retainers and bridge plugs
  • Testing, control and preparation of downhole equipment supplies components

As part of our comprehensive casing and tubular services, we make thread connections and run casing, production tubing and bottomhole assembly components into boreholes, with the use of hydraulic tongs from the world’s leading manufacturers. With our hydraulic tongs, in sizes ranging from 2 3/8” to 13 3/8”, as well as experienced casing personnel, we are prepared to fulfil almost any requirement.

Our tongs are equipped with integral backup systems to ensure optimum connection quality. Apart from standard tongs, we use tools with improved grip for scratch-free connection of chromium parts in sizes from 2 3/8” to 7”. All our tongs are equipped with Martin Decker torque gauges as well as WinCatt software tools for monitoring and control of tubular connection power.

We also have all other equipment necessary to perform casing and tubular services, including: diesel and electrical tong power units, manipulation equipment (slips, elevators, etc), pipe compensators and pneumatic grease pumps.

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