Exalo Drilling has over 70 years of drilling experience, including geothermal drilling, which has resulted in extensive experience and knowledge in well engineering. As an experienced contractor of drilling services we offer:

  • execution of geothermal projects in the "turnkey" system,
  • the ability to provide drilling and maintenance services in the selected scope,
  • comprehensive reconstruction services of existing geothermal wells,
  • well abandonment.

While conducting drilling works behind geothermal sources, we also provide all the necessary services accompanying the drilling, including:

  • well drilling engineering,
  • drilling and final completion of borehole services, including cementing and stimulation service, slickline, completion and tubular running service, coiled tubingand nitrogen unit service, well testing service, workover service, mud service and coring and directional drilling services,
  • drilling waste disposal,
  • drilling site preparation (access roads, etc.),
  • land reclamation after the completion of drilling and exploitation works,
  • Fluids and Cements Laboratory - accredited by the Polish Center for Accreditation.

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