The key area in Exalo's business is creating a safety work culture, based on the SAFETY FIRST principle. The basis for all operational activities is QHSE (Quality, Health, Safety, Environment), which aims to provide safe working conditions and synergies with the environment according to international standards: BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2014.

The QHSE system's starting point is the principle of accident prevention

Owing to the safety observation system, hazard identification and accident prevention are possible through the improvement of employees ability to observe safety. The safety observation system is based on several elementary principles, including the following:

  • all injuries and occupational diseases can be prevented,
  • safe working methods should be promoted and all dangerous activities and conditions should be promptly corrected,
  • applying safety rules is an obligation for every employee.

Trainings and development

Ensuring the highest level of safety for our employees is possible by constantly promoting safe behaviours in the work environment. The most effective way to reduce dangerous events is to employ appropriately trained staff and to continuously improve the skills of employees. As part of Exalo's security policy, we support the principle of continuous improvement through effective communication in the form of: implementation programs for new drilling employees, instructional videos, initial training and periodic training and above all daily pre-shift meetings and weekly safety meetings with the heads of drilling staff, during which we are discussing the principles of safety at work.

Protection of health and life

Our crew is equipped with high quality protective equipment and the works are done using appropriate tools and materials meeting the requirements of the standards in force. In Exalo it is strictly prohibited from consuming alcohol and other drugs, as well as smoking, except for specially designated areas. In the event of a threat, employees are required to immediately stop work. Works are not resuming until the threat is completely removed and the area of action is not fully safe. Every employee is required to have current medical examinations and HSE training. We also take care of the safety of our guests. Every visitor is obliged to familiarize themselves with the rules of our safety policy and walking through the drilling rig is possible only with designated employee drilling.

Natural environment

By taking care of the environment, at every stage of our work, we eliminate the potential dangers of drilling and service work. As part of the QHSE system we implemented a waste management program aimed at protecting the environment, guided by the principle of 4R:

Reduce – generate less waste through more efficient practices and utilizing more environmental friendly products as they become available.

Reuse – reusing materials in their original form rather than dispose and buy new.

Recycle – converting waste into a useable product (lube oil recycling).

Recover – extracting materials or energy from waste.