The goal of EXALO's innovative projects is to seek new, better and more effective solutions to continuously improve the quality of service provided. Thanks to rich experience, specialized crew and modern laboratory facilities, we not only improve but we also create new technological trends in the drilling and services area. In this year Exalo realizes the following innovative projects:

1. HDHP mats for well site’s stiffening;

2. set of downhole tools for the operations in reservoirs with low pore pressure gradients – “gas separator";

3. new mud system based on nanotechnology;

4. researches on drilling fluids filtration under dynamic conditions;

5. the implementation of water based drilling fluids with the features similar to oil based mud

6. researches on drilling fluid’s rheology at high temperature;

7. researches on minimizing the corrosion influences;

8. development of new acidizing fluid’s formulas;

9. development of proprietary Oil Based Mud technology;

10. development of new slurries’ formulas for UGS purposes with anti-gas migration properties with low Young Modulus ratio and new slurries’ formulas resistant to high magnesium ions concentration;

11. casing cementing process control with real time parameters visualization;

12. chemical additives system for automatic onfly mixing process in stimulation jobs.

projekty innowacyjne exalo

The details of all innovative projects were presented during the 2nd edition of Open Innovation campaign, entitled "PGNiG Polish Innovation", organized by Polish Oil and Gas Company SA at two Polish universities: Poznan University of Technology and Gdansk University of Technology. The event report is available at:,688/exalo-drilling-during-the-pgnig-polish-innovation-campaign-at-polish-universities, and the next edition of the campaign will take place in October.

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