Having combined our highly competent crews, strong equipment bases and experience gained while executing a variety of projects, we are able to provide a full slate of onshore drilling services to the oil & gas upstream industry.​


  • Computer-aided designing of directional & horizontal wells
  • Drilling of directional & horizontal wells including:
    complex service supoort together with delivery of all needed equipment and continuous supervision from highly qualified and experienced personnel
  • Side-track and re-entry jobs in both - open and cased wells
  • Multishot tool service
  • Supervision and consultations for horizontal and directional drilling (multishot)
  • MWD type system with vibration measurement and gamma extension


We have our own drilling and logging equipment, manufactured by recognised global brands:

  • High- and medium-torque downhole motors (Baker Hughes Inteq, Griffith)
  • Drilling jars (Griffith)
  • Non-magnetic drill collars (SMF, Reamco)
  • MWD system with gamma ray logging-while-drilling (GE Tensor)
  • Magnetic inclinometers with multishot functionality
  • We use Landmark’s software suite for well design; drill pipe string design; well trajectory monitoring; pull force and torque calculations. Our equipment is inspected and repaired at a fully equipped specialist workshop, supervised by qualified personnel, and subject to non-destructive testing (NDT).

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