EXALO Drilling SA is a one of the leading European onshore drilling contractors. Properly maintained fleet of 35 rigs allows for well drilling up to 8000m of depth. EXALO portfolio is also a full range of professional drilling services which results in the full complexity of our offer. One of the key advantages of EXALO are people. International experience, extensive knowledge and high level of competence of EXALO employees is a guarantee of success for investment projects.

EXALO Drilling SA has experience which was built in over 20 countries in Europe, Asia and Africa. EXALO tradition comes from a fusion of such companies as PNiG Krakow SA, PNiG Jaslo SA, PNiG Nafta SA, PN “Diament” Sp. z o.o. and ZRG Krosno Sp. z o.o. Thanks to carried out consolidation of EXALO founders, now EXALO can meet expectations of most demanding customers, flexibly adapt its services for the projects and effectively respond to the dynamic circumstances while well drilling.

EXALO Drilling SA is a global brand having branches in: Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Czech Republic, Chad, Tanzania, United Arab Emirates and subsidiary in Ukraine. This translates  into a very large area of operations. EXALO also makes a positive contribution to the local communities by offering educational and training opportunities for local staff while cooperating with diverse cultures EXALO takes into consideration local custom and habits and tries to satisfy the needs in this sphere.

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Deliver high quality drilling and oilfield services in the domestic and international market of onshore drilling, through innovative solutions, professionalism and modern fleet of equipment. 


Become a technological leader among the onshore drilling companies, thanks to comprehensive customer service, unique solutions and care for the safety of the people and the environment. In parallel, thanks to the international experience and extensive competence of our laboratory seek and impelement innovative technological solutions.

Key Values of EXALO Drilling SA

  • Delivering comprehensive services in line with customer expectations
  • Knowledge and experience that guarantee success
  • Professional Staff and fully operable fleet of drilling rigs and well service equipment
  • Respect for people and the environment
  • High standards of project management
  • Effective use of available technology
  • The achievement of ambitious goals
  • Expand activities into a sphere of CSR with particular emphasis on local content
  • Provide the safest workplace and its environment
  • Flexibility for clients needs

Our core business:

  • Well engineering
  • Onshore drilling
  • Comprehensive range of drilling services:
  • mud service, mud logging, casing and tubing running, cementing service, coring, open and cased hole completion, fishing services, directional drilling, drill stem testing
  • Well testing and stimulation
  • Well Intervention Services – Coiled Tubing, Nitrogen, Slickline
  • Workover and rehabilitation services, sidetracking
  • Abandonment of the wells
  • Civil works

Main sectors of acitivity:

  • Drilling exploration and production wells on hydrocarbon deposits
  • Exploration drilling for shale gas and tight gas
  • Geothermal wells
  • Coalbed methane (CBM) drilling
  • Exploration drilling for metal ores
  • Drilling of special-purpose wells
  • Full range of well services
  • Workover and Well abandonment

EXALO Drilling SA continuously since beginning of its existence belongs to an International Association of Drilling Contract (IADC), which brings together the largest companies from the hydrocarbon exploration industry. Participation in this organization, on the one hand brings the prestige and the confirmation of the stable market position of EXALO and, second, direct access to technological innovations and best practices in the oil and gas sector.

Since 1940, the International Association of Drilling Contractors (IADC) has exclusively represented the worldwide oil and gas drilling industry. Membership is open to any company involved in oil and gas exploration, drilling or production, well servicing, oilfield manufacturing or other rig-site services. If you are looking for an reliable partner in the area of onshore drilling onshore CONTACT US!