EXALO at KIOGE 2016! - summary

24th edition of KIOGE exhibition in Almaty was the great opportunity to enhance EXALO brand image in Central Asia. As one of the leading European companies in the market of onshore drilling again EXALO Drilling SA took part in this important event. During each edition, our company presents the wide range of professional solutions and services using the latest drilling technology.

At this year's edition of KIOGE 2016 exhibition EXALO Drilling SA attracted great interest of many companies in the oil & gas industry, which translated into opportunities of business development  in Kazakhstan. During the fair KIOGE 2016 on our stand we had the honour to host potential business partners among from countries such as Kazakhstan, Iran, Russia and Azerbaijan. The wide range of drilling services, extensive experience and a large fleet of drilling rig presented during the fair, aroused a great recognition among potential customers. Business development in the area of ​​Central Asia is a reflection pursued by EXALO international expansion strategy and permanently strengthened market position.

We also hope that acquired new contacts and conducted conversations with existing clients will result not only in new contracts for the coming years, but also strengthen the image of EXALO Drilling SA as a reliable and professional partner in the area of ​​onshore drilling.