EXALO participates in the 12th edition of the Polish Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals

On 16-18 May, is taking place the 12th Polish Congress of Oil and Gas Industry Professionals in Cracow  entitled "The future of upstream and downstream in Poland in the context of the changes occurring on the European oil and gas market", organized by the Scientific Association of the Oil and Gas Industry Engineers and Technicians (SAOGIET), under the patronage of minister of energy and deputy minister of environment, secretary of state and chief national geologist.

The main topic of the Congress is going to about the situation in the Polish oil industry, its hitherto achievements, directions of development of modern and innovative industry and energy security of the country. In addition, the Congress program is going to include a summary of the results of exploration for shale gas in Poland, a discussion on exploration for natural gas in coal seams, and important issues regarding segments of the Polish economy including "midstream and downstream" together with the diversification of LNG supplies, its distribution and trade. During the Congress, there will be a session of Congress Programme Committee, which is preparing the World Petroleum Congress which will be held in 2020 in Houston, and also a WPC Expert Workshop.

The Congress will be a combination of lectures and training sessions conducted by specialists from the "oil and gas" industry of leading Polish companies. One of the participants of the Congress will be Exalo Drilling SA. Representatives of Exalo will report the following issues:

Technical and equipment requirements during horizontal drilling;
Swelling properties of clay rocks by the example of P-1 well;
Selected aspects of ways of conduct to protect the environment from negative impact of drilling waste.
During the Congress will be able to visit the stand of Exalo and get a lot of interesting information about the company and onshore drilling sector.