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New contract of Exalo Drilling S.A. with HEYCO Energy Iberia

We have signed a new contract with the Spanish company HEYCO Energy Iberia, which is a subsidiary of the HEYCO Energy Group. HEYCO Energy Iberia operates a production well and a gas treatment plant in the Spanish region of La Rioja, with several planned natural gas drilling operations.

The agreement involves the delivery of the Bentec Cantilever 2000 HP Rig#315 drilling equipment for the execution of the Viura – 1B well. The drilling works will take place near the town of Sotés in Spain, and the planned depth of the Viura-1B well is approximately 4600 meters. The contract also includes the option to expand the scope of work to the optional Viura -3B well and the reconstruction of the Viura - 3 ST-1 well.

The signed contract demonstrates that we deliver high-quality drilling services both domestically and internationally, enabling us to cooperate with partners such as HEYCO Energy Iberia.