Beginning of drilling the geothermal well Koło GT-2

Exalo Drilling has started drilling a geothermal borehole as part of the Koło GT-2 project. The drilling works are conducted on the grounds of MZEC Sp. z o.o. in Koło, and are a result of a contract signed last year on the drilling of a vertical geothermal borehole with the final depth of about 3050 m. Drilling is carried out using our latest drilling rig  Drillmec HH220, which, thanks to its full automation, low noise emissions and reduced footprint, successfully drills in the middle of urban development.

The Koło GT-2 project aims to take advantage of the geothermal possibilities the city relies on, and is thus a step towards the energy independence of Koło, affecting not only the quality of air in the city, but also reducing the cost of heat charges.

We invite you to see the photo report below, as well as to watch the material prepared by TVP 3 Poznań -  link.