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Contract with MARI Petroleum in Pakistan

Exalo Drilling has entered into a contract with MARI Petroleum to drill a single well in the Halini concession (Punjab Province), approximately 270 km from Islamabad. Drilling operations will be carried out using the Drillmec 2000 device – Rig 304. The start of work is scheduled for early February 2024. The planned depth of the well is approximately 5000 m, and the estimated duration of the project is around 220 days.

Mari Petroleum is one of the leading operators in the Pakistani market, holding 21 concessions and being a partner in an additional 20 concessions in Pakistan (Balochistan, Punjab, and Sindh).

This is not the first project that Exalo has undertaken in collaboration with MARI Petroleum. In 2004, we carried out drilling work using the IRI- 1700 device and in 2008 using the the RR-600 device.