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Exalo Drilling SA with a modern drilling device

Exalo Drilling, from the PGNiG Group, purchased the HH 220 FA-EU drilling rig, which belongs to the latest generation of drilling equipment. The investment will increase the efficiency of drilling works while maintaining the highest standards in terms of work safety and environmental protection.

The HH 220 FA-EU device is used to conduct classic onshore drilling for hydrocarbons, as well as to drill geothermal wells. The drilling rig designed and built by Drillmec SPA is one of the most modern on the land drilling market.  Its construction differs from the standard, based on towers. This device does not have a mechanical lift, but a telescopic mast extended by a hydraulic cylinder on which an integrated Top Drive with electric drive is mounted, used to rotate the drill set. Thanks to advanced technical solutions, including hydraulic systems, most operations are fully automated.

HH-220 has been designed to increase the efficiency and safety of the work carried out. Moreover, compared to devices of the same power and capabilities, HH rigs occupy a smaller area. The structure is also equipped with a soundproofing system that significantly reduces noise emissions. Thanks to this, the HH 220FA-EU device can successfully work in highly urbanized areas, e.g. within city limits, in the immediate vicinity residential buildings or holiday complexes. Solutions have also been applied to protect the device during work in winter conditions.

On July 29, 2021, in Iwierzyce (Podkarpackie Province), the presentation of the new Exalo Drilling rig took place. The event was attended by: Paweł Majewski, President of the Management Board of PGNiG SA, representatives of the Management Board of Exalo Drilling SA, representatives of the oil and geothermal industries, local government officials, and the special guest was Piotr Dziadzio, Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Climate and Environment, Chief National Geologist. The presentation was conducted by the President of Exalo Drilling SA, Marcin Gawroński, and its culmination was a visit to the HH220 FA-EU drilling rig.