New gantry crane in Exalo’s machinery park

Exalo Drilling S.A. purchased GH 65I – 60t INDUSTRIAL RTG mobile gantry crane. The top-class device thus enlarged the company’s machinery park, located in Zakład Utrzymania Ruchu Exalo Drilling S.A. (Exalo Maintenance Facility) in Piła.

GH 65I – 60t INDUSTRIAL RTG, despite its large size (height 11.6 m, occupied area approx. 100 m2), is characterised by propelling smoothness and high manoeuvrability allowing for axial rotation. It functions both as a gantry crane and a mobile crane.  The device is controlled by a remote control and can reach speeds of up to 50 m/min. It can also move on terrain with a slope of up to 4%. The lifting height is 9 m and the lifting speed with a load of 60 tonnes is 1.5 m/min. The crane will be used to unload, load and move drilling equipment components.

This is yet another investment carried out by Exalo Drilling S.A. which in a short period of time will translate into an increase in production and repair potential and will extend the range of services provided.