Borehole drilling for Zielona Gora Copper Sp. z o.o. has begun

Exalo Drilling S.A. has begun drilling the Nowa Sol C-15 exploratory borehole in order to document copper and silver deposits in the formations of the lower Zechstein and uppermost parts of Rotliegend in the Nowa Sol concession area. The basic objective of the works conducted is to secure materials allowing to obtain a mineralisation image using borehole coring. The planned borehole depth is 2004 m.

On 12 February, the Chief Geologist of Poland, Secretary of State Dr Piotr Dziadzio approved the documentation of the Nowa Sol deposit, whose resources amount to 848,481 thousand tonnes of ore, 10,583 thousand tonnes of copper, and 36,410 thousand tonnes of silver.