Exalo Drilling S.A. is to drill the Sekowa GT-1 geothermal well with the Drillmec MR-8000

Exalo Drilling S.A. has signed an agreement with the Sekowa Municipality to drill the Sekowa GT-1 exploratory and appraisal well in order to extract thermal waters in Sekowa.

Under the agreement, Exalo Drilling S.A. is to drill a well with a planned depth of about 3000 metres. The investment is being carried out with the support of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management.

The aim of the entire project is to identify thermal water deposits in the area of the Municipality, and in particular to examine prospective aquifer levels from the Carpathian Flysch formations and to carry out hydrodynamic tests and physico-chemical tests to assess the parameters of the deposits by drilling the vertical Sekowa GT-1 well.

Due date: 4th quarter of 2020.